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Green Flag Schools

The Green Flag School Program for Environmental Leadership

If your school has a Green Flag success you would like to see highlighted, please send a write up and photos to the Green Flag School Coordinator.

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New Green Flag School:
Prescott Valley School, Prescott Valley, Arizona

The Prescott Valley School Youth Chamber of Commerce fulfilled a two-year dream last week when they began recycling school-wide with the Green Flag Program. Two students from PVS Youth Chamber of Commerce brought the program back to their school after attending a Green Flag workshop at Prescott College this past October.  The program turned out to be just what the existing group of environmentally- minded students at PVS was looking for to get their school started on recycling. 

The Green Flag Committee at PVS held a meeting with a local disposal company, where the company explained how recycling works, and worked out logistical arrangements for the school's recycling program. 

With the introduction of the Green Flag Program, membership in Youth Chamber of Commerce doubling to 50 students, and an extremely generous donation of services from a local disposal company, the sky is the limit for health and environmental achievement at Prescott Valley School.  With teachers and staff on board in support of the program, youth leaders at PVS are sure to make great strides with Green Flags. 

"In a time when many youth are accused of not caring and not having causes, we are so proud of our kids in the Youth Chamber. Because of their on-going thoughtfulness and charity, we now refer to them as "Youth Who Care!" said Prescott Valley School's Green Flag Team Advisor. 

Click here for a picture of the Prescott Valley School Green Flag Committee

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The Green Flag Program is a project of the national Child Proofing Our Communities Campaign,

 coordinated by the Center for Health Environment and Justice.