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The Green Flag Schools Program Members Only network is an idea-sharing forum for participating schools. Group members are encouraged to post their experiences, successes and setbacks, and engage in constructive discussions with partner schools! You must request membership to this network by contacting Renee Blanchard at

sections include:



Post lesson plans or activities that your schools has had success with or enjoyed

Describe any difficulties or challenges that your school faced

Give advice to other schools

Spread ideas for recycling, organizing clothing drives, etc.

Post links to useful websites, reports, or organizations




Post important notices or announcements that other schools may be interested

Ask for assistance from other teachers on developing classroom projects or activities




Create discussions on how you can change environmental policies or programs at your school

Discuss possible collaboration with other schools in your state or county

Develop ideas for further action – creating national or statewide legislation




Answer our questions to make the Green Flag Program better

Develop your own polls on any relevant issues




Post upcoming events for your school or in your area – like when you will be getting your Green Flag and patch

Important school dates like testing periods, back to school nights, science fairs, etc.

We will also add important events




Post pictures of your school receiving the Green Flag award

Show pictures of your students giving presentations on environmental issues

Post images of your Green Flag Team activities and creations (posters, displays, gardens, etc.)




Post your schools IPM, RRR, NTP or IAQ policy as an example for other schools to strive towards

Post any relevant policies or resources in your state

We will provide downloadable files like statewide organization contacts and other resources for your school to use




We will provide lists of experts on issue areas, GF mentors, and other relevant contact information

Add your own lists that you think may be useful to other schools




Engage in online conversations with other teachers or GF mentors to discuss specific issues

Chat with the GF coordinator so we know how your school is doing with the GF program


For technical assistance with the members only page, e-mail