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The Green Flag School Program is a new and creative way to facilitate learning,

while meeting curriculum goals.

Help educate K-12 students about common school based environmental issues, through exciting scientific investigation by beginning the Green Flag School Program. Throughout the process, students will investigate and problem-solve in a team, using research skills and making oral and written presentations. Follow the above links to help you integrate environmental concepts into your lesson plans and Green Flag work.

What Does Your School Receive?

Your school will receive personalized assistance from the Center for Health, Environment and Justice, an abundance of valuable resources, classroom activities and lesson plans, an opportunity to improve the environment, and the Green Flag Award for Environmental Leadership upon completion of the program. 

How Does Green Flag Schools Fit Into the Existing Curriculum?

According to the State Education and Environment Roundtable (SEER), a cooperative endeavor of 16 state departments of education, students learn more effectively within an environment-based context than within a traditional educational framework. Research has shown that within SEER's model of education, students performed better on standardized testing, had fewer discipline problems in school, expressed increased enthusiasm and classroom engagement, and demonstrated an elevated pride in their school work. The Green Flag Schools Program connects students, staff, educators, parents, and administrators through an integrated learning experience around environmental issues and policy development, and can be integrated into a variety of lesson plans and after school activities.


The Green Flag Program is a project of the national Child Proofing Our Communities Campaign,

 coordinated by the Center for Health Environment and Justice.